Our 1st Step to Apps Development: S1-07 - Session 1 (2010, 15 Sep)

Dear S1-07

You have just completed the 1st session... the 1st step to Apps Development :)

Under comments,

1. List down some new terms you learn today :)
{Your vocabulary list will grow over time...}

2. List down any question(s) you have so that Mr Pong would be able to address it in the next lesson.

3. What you like to know more?

You may also enter your enquiries if you 'hit' any problem along the way... or help others in the class if you know how to resolve the 'problem' posted :)

Remember: Identify yourself when you post your comments.

Term 4 Week 5: For REVIEW SESSION:
In the POST
1. Briefly describe what you have learnt in the 4 sessions of basic programming.
2. Share 1-2 things you like about the training.
3. Highlight 1-2 things that you think could be further improved.
4. Would you like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the near future? Why?


  1. 1. String, UI labels, etc.
    2. NA
    3. Yes I would like to know about the creation of simple game apps.

  2. 1. Integers, UILabel, float.
    2. N.A
    3. I would like to know how to create effects and fonts in different game apps.

  3. 1. if, else, else [{}], setText, IBaction
    2. Is it true that all application programmers have to do this in order to have all the applications we have today? If so, wouldn't they take a long time then? Then, is there any easier application for us to do programming other than writing the scripts out?
    3. I would like to know how to create game apps.


loh_kwai_yin@sst.edu.sg, sst.common@sst.edu.sg