Our 1st Step to Apps Development: S1-05 - Session 1 (2010, 17 Sep)

Dear S1-05

You have just completed the 1st session... the 1st step to Apps Development :)

Under comments,

1. List down some new terms you learn today :)
{Your vocabulary list will grow over time...}

2. List down any question(s) you have so that Mr Pong would be able to address it in the next lesson.

3. What you like to know more?

You may also enter your enquiries if you 'hit' any problem along the way... or help others in the class if you know how to resolve the 'problem' posted :)

Remember: Identify yourself when you post your comments.

Term 4 Week 5: For REVIEW SESSION:
In the POST
1. Briefly describe what you have learnt in the 4 sessions of basic programming.
2. Share 1-2 things you like about the training.
3. Highlight 1-2 things that you think could be further improved.
4. Would you like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the near future? Why?


  1. I learnt many things like codes mainview, buttons IBinput outlet, IBAction outlet, how to build interfaces.

  2. I learnt how to declare things, design a window, how to link the things to the buttons or text fields. I would like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the future.

  3. I think that the basic programming was useful as we were able to learn how basic apps were made. I liked the training as I got to learn another form of programming. I would really like to learn the next level of programming and I would also like to learn other types of programming that are related animations such as ALICE.


  4. I learnt how to make program a small app on the iPhone like by building the interface and by adding in actions. IBAction

  5. 1) I have learnt how to program basic app
    2) Nothing
    3) It could be slower
    4) No because I cannot learn anything

    Adam Tan

  6. I learnt about programming an iPhone Application. We had to write out the codes for the programme. Eg. The IBAction and IBOutlet and all the other codes. We also added the buttons, text and pictures.

  7. 1. I have learnt how to program for Xcode during the 4 sessions of basic programming.
    2. The training was interesting. I felt proud of myself for being able to produce the correct work.
    3. We could learn more things about Xcode, more about how to program a game.
    4. Yes, I would as I am interested in learning how to create a game.

    Kun Yao (19) S1-05

  8. I learnt about iPhone programming, basically how to put pictures, make BMI calculator, and making test on buttons change. I like Mr Pong style of teaching as the is very specific and his instructions are clear. Maybe the time given to do each lesson maybe a bit longer, or maybe the pace of the teaching will be slower. I do not really want to continue as we are just simply copying what Mr Pong types, we do not really understand what we are typing.

  9. Daniel Chan (07)
    1)I have learnt about how people make an iPhone programme and how a programme works.
    2)Our instructor was very patient with us,and would try to help us point out mistakes.I also liked the part where we got to actually test the programme we made.
    3)The instructor should try to explain in a easy-to-understand way.Also programming is really difficult to understand,especially since we are trying to absorb all the information within 4 periods.
    4)Yes,as it is very interesting and may be able to help us make money in future by programming iPhone apps.

  10. 1. I learnt how to build interfaces some of the codes such as IBAction, IBOutlet and how to declare codes.
    2. It was interesting and I liked the final product
    3. We could have something more advanced such as building a simple game
    4. Yes. Programing is interesting and there is many things I can do with the skill

  11. 1. Well, i learnt the basics of xcode programming and the rough idea of it like different components
    2. I like the trainer because he will will respond to our queries and answer them and we are able to experience this first hand try on xcode.
    3. I think that the instructions given by the trainer could be clearer and not just letting us copy and paste it. Maybe more lessons so that each lesson would not be so long and tedious.
    4. Yes, so that i will have more experience with programming and learn more skills.

  12. 1)I learnt how to make simple iPhone apps ad how they work.
    2)I like when we managed to finish the basic BMI calculator.
    3)Maybe the trainer would go through the basics a bit slower.
    4)No I find programming a bit too tough for me.

  13. 1. I have learnt how to program apps using xcode, knowing how to build interface. So basically,I get the basic idea of iphone programming.

    2.I like how the instructor taught us and answering our questions one by one slowly, so that we will understand and I like it when I am able to use the app and when the app is working after programming.

    3. I think that the instructor can go a little slower and allowing us to try out ourselves by doing activities instead of copying and pasting.

    4. Yes. So that we will get exposed to programming and in future, we will know how to program apps which is another skill we learnt.


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