Our 1st Step to Apps Development: S1-03 - Session 1 (2010, 15 Sep)

Dear S1-03

You have just completed the 1st session... the 1st step to Apps Development :)

Under comments,

1. List down some new terms you learn today :)
{Your vocabulary list will grow over time...}

2. List down any question(s) you have so that Mr Pong would be able to address it in the next lesson.

3. What you like to know more?

You may also enter your enquiries if you 'hit' any problem along the way... or help others in the class if you know how to resolve the 'problem' posted :)

Remember: Identify yourself when you post your comments.

Term 4 Week 5: For REVIEW SESSION:
In the POST
1. Briefly describe what you have learnt in the 4 sessions of basic programming.
2. Share 1-2 things you like about the training.
3. Highlight 1-2 things that you think could be further improved.
4. Would you like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the near future? Why?


  1. 1)We have learnt about how to create programmes for the iphone.
    2)The training was interesting and fun.
    3)I would like the training to be longer
    4)Yes. I want to learn more about programming in the future.


  2. i learnt about how to create the UI of an app, and also how to program the apps and the about outlets. I also learn about the transition, colours of the font, and more. I like the final product of the BMI calculator. It would also be good if we could learn more about utilizing the iPhone features like the GPS or accelerometer. I would be good if he can teach us to make simple games.


  3. Iskandar B Dzulkarnain (12) (S1-03)

    1. I have learnt how to programme my very own iPhone application and the steps and processes behind it.

    2. Decorating and creating our own unique application as well as coding the programme.

    3. Confusion in coding.

    4. Yes, as we could possibly learn on more complex applications and apply it in our studies.

  4. We learned how to create layouts for applications and how program them. I like the helpfulness of the Mr Pong where he would aid us when our application crashes. I think the lessons could be split up as 2 hours is too long for me. I would not like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the near future as I am not exactly good at it, instead I would like to try other interesting things.

    Lucas Chia

  5. 1. I have learnt that organisation is very important in programming because even if we forget to close one bracket, many errors will arise from it.

    2. I like the fact that Mr Pong's lessons are all not too fast or slow. He followed the pace of the class. Also, programming is interesting but can be very stressful at times.

    3. I think the lessons should start with simple basic language of programming so that when Mr Pong assists us in programming, we are able to understand the language being used.

    4. Depends, because programming can be very stressful at times.

  6. 1) We have learn to create our basic apps and the xcode language.

    2) I like creating our apps and the friendly trainer

    3)We could have a developer account so we push our apps out to an iphone and test it out. We could also have a lesson to describe more on the commands of the xcode language so we can program our on apps.

    4)Yes. We could potentialy make it our careeer

  7. I have learnt computer programming terms, programming concept and most importantly, how to develop an app.
    The training was pretty interesting, with the new programming and all.
    I thought that the lessons could be more interesting.
    I do not think I would want to carry on with the next level of programming. I just felt that programming does not suit me. Sad to say, I get tired and bored after some time.

  8. Throughout the 4 sessions of basic programming, i have learnt about the programming of the iPhone app using xCode. What i like about the training is the lessons are engaging and i am more exposed to programming an application on Apple products. I think it can improved by having more lessons so that we can go through step by step and they will let us do more examples on our own. Yes. It is interesting even though it is tough to understand. I can be an application designer creating an app

  9. 1)i have learnt some basics for programming,and how to make simple iphone apps.
    2)I liked how iphone apps are done
    3)I think we should make lessons easier to follow
    4)YES, as iphone programming is very interesting and fun.

  10. #1. I have learnt how to type codes and create iPhone applications

    #2. I like the way Mr Pong teaches us. It is efficient and interesting.

    #3. I would like to learn how to create more functions for applications.

    #4. Yes. Although i do not know much about programming, i find it interesting and fun to learn.

    Khim(05) ^^

  11. 1. In these 4 sessions of basic programming, we have learnt things such as making a label change text with a click of the button (Session 1), change pages, going back to the original page and create different views (Session 2 and 3), and calculating BMI (Session 4).

    2. One thing I like about the training is how Mr Pong helps us address our problems with xcode. Another thing I like is the new things we get to learn, and the terms we get to come across.

    3. One thing that can be improved is that the ICT lessons might not be so long. It could be one hour instead.

    4. Yes. It helps us learn more knowledge about programming, and it is fun and interesting.

  12. 1.) We have learnt how to change the layout of the application and to make it work
    2.)The designing of the layout of the application and being able to build the code without any warnings
    3.)The training could be longer so that we could learn more about programming
    4.)Yes. So we could learn more about programming to use it in the future

    Goh Jin Hao

  13. 1. I have learnt to create an application of my own and learnt the basics of programming such as the use of "{ [ ==" and so on.
    2. What I liked is that I was able to successfully created a app of my own!
    3. I felt that probably in the next training or so, we are taught about the codings instead of given all of the codes to us to type.
    4. Yes, but probably a long duration of the session. This is because learning how to create apps is a interesting topic and course to work on.

  14. 1. I learnt how to program iPhone apps, put pictures in iPhone app.

    2. Knowing how to do iPhone apps.

    3. Should not be too much complicated.

    4. More advanced topics

    Keith Ong

  15. 1.i learned how to make a simple app that could display pictures and a scroll view.
    2.i learned how to compile pictures
    3.i think he could explain more and try to help us remember the terms.
    4.maybe, but i hope he would make it more understandable.

  16. 1) We learnt about making the programming of codes of the iphone app..
    3) Yes, I would like to make more interesting apps

  17. I have learnt the basics of programming iPhone apps such as the keywords.
    What I like was the helpfulness of the instructor. I think the class should be split into half and one half would do more advanced programming based on how interested are they. I would like to continue learning xCode but it should be longtime because in 8 hours, we only managed to do so little.


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