Our 1st Step to Apps Development: S1-01 - Session 1 (2010, 13 Sep)

Dear S1-01

You have just completed the 1st session... the 1st step to Apps Development :)

Under comments,

1. List down some new terms you learn today :)
{Your vocabulary list will grow over time...}

2. List down any question(s) you have so that Mr Pong and Mr Li would be able to address to in the next lesson.

3. What you like to know more?

You may also enter your enquiries if you 'hit' any problem along the way... or help others in the class if you know how to resolve the 'problem' posted :)

Remember: Identify yourself when you post your comments.

Term 4 Week 5: For REVIEW SESSION:
In the POST
1. Briefly describe what you have learnt in the 4 sessions of basic programming.
2. Share 1-2 things you like about the training.
3. Highlight 1-2 things that you think could be further improved.
4. Would you like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the near future? Why?


  1. 1. GUI, object, class, code, interface.

    2. No questions... although I hit some errors on the way.

    3. What the codes mean (like If, Else, token)


  2. 1. I learnt class, code, declare action.

    2. nope, no questions yet. ;D

    3. why are there special code names to do that specific thing? which codes must we use which would have a successful start? (same as jianhui: Else, If etc.)

  3. I learnt about the steps into developing an app, the select and sequence.

    actually no questions yet. I just want to say that I am very weak in programming. I have no sense in it... ==III

    I would like to know more of the different code names and their function.

  4. I learnt about class, code and random action.


    What the codes mean.

  5. I learnt about GUI, Code, interface and class.


    What the IUAction and setText, etc. mean.

  6. 1. UILabel, UIObject, UIButton, IBAction, IBOutlet, GUI, Class

    2. NIL

    3. All the other names of the codes.

  7. 1. I learnt about the different kind of functions and codes.
    2. We can experience how is it like in the iPhone.
    3. The lesson could be more interesting and interactive.
    4. Nope, i think that it's too tedious, although i can help in the design of graphics.

  8. 1. List down some new terms you learn today :)

    GUI,UIbutton etc...

    2. List down any question(s) you have so that Mr Pong and Mr Li would be able to address to in the next lesson.


    3. What you like to know more?

    Sure, like how to program games.

  9. 1. UILabel, textfField, IBAction, IBOutlet, GUI, float, interface and declare action.

    2. When will the irritating errors stop? :P

    3. How to make animations on iPhone applications, i.e games; I also want to know the meaning of the codes.

  10. 1. Codes, GUI, Class, Interface, Random Action.

    2. No Questions.

    3. Other Kinds of Codes(such as: //, Else)

  11. 1. UILabel, UItextfield, UIButton, UIBarButton, GUI, Float, //comment, UIView, IBAction, IBOutlet

    2. Are there any shortcuts to the coding?

    3. Shortcuts to the coding

  12. 1. i learnt about User Interface, Navigation bar, bar buttons, and declare action

    2. How to prevent or lessen the "FAILED # ERRORS" from appearing

    3. Is there a template for different function you want the app to perform or do for you?

  13. 1. UILabel, UITextfield, UIButton, UIBarButton, UIFloat, UIView, IBAction, IBOutlet, //

    2. Is there any way to figure out the codes without memorising them?

    3. Full and complete meanings of the codes i.e.what they mean and why they are named that way.

  14. 1. Declare Action, Bar Button, UIView, Round Rect Button.

    2. Is there any way to be able to better remember to put down ";" or closing brackets.

    3. How the codes work together to carry out the application.

  15. 1) Class, User Interface, Code, object
    2) Nil
    3) What the codes mean and how to use them.

  16. 1) I leant how to make cool application using programing which are quite hard to memorize but the satisfaction of the working product is worth it
    2) I like it when we have to write very long codes and design on the interface builder
    3) I think we should be given more time for the lesson so we can understand better
    4) Yes as i think the world is moving to progaming and we should not lag behind

  17. Share 1-2 things you like about the training.
    It enhances my understanding the design of iPhone and I tend to appreciate iPhones and Macbooks more.

    Highlight 1-2 things that you think could be further improved.

    I hope the trainer can use more question-based teaching rather than telling us what to do. I hope the trainer will prod a question and then explain the purpose and how to do the next step.

    4. Would you like to carry on with the next level of programming workshops in the near future? Why?

    YES!!! This is interesting and learning programming will lead us to a broader perspective of IT.


  18. 1. UI(objects) and IBOutlets and Actions. What are they and how do we apply them in coding actions. Interface builder of how to build and design the app interface.
    2. I liked the ways of designing the interface to let it be user friendly
    3.Is there an easier way to remember the codes without memorising them? Such as through links of codes etc.
    3. The origin of such codes and if we are able to "make" out own codes.

  19. 1) How to declare actions, declare objects, create the GUI, learn about float and int and code

    2) I like the coding and watching my application work

    3) There can be more lessons.

    4) Yes! I like programming and I feel that i am capable of much more coding

  20. 1.Deciphering the code

    2.Declaring something

    3.Using interface builder to design

  21. 1. How to do some basic programming, how to design a window for iPhone. 2. The fact that Mr Pong lets us do some programming of our own; like the MRT, TAXI, WALK thing. It really helped me to recall the techniques learnt in class.
    3. We can have some notes on the codes, like for colour, UIcolour Black. Something like a database.
    4. Yes I would like carry on with the workshop. It is fun and also learn how they make applications.

  22. 1. UILabel, UIView, Round Rect Button, IBAction, BarButton, IBOutlet, UIFloat, UITextfield,
    2. The training teaches us things that are different from normal lessons and programming is interesting.
    3. Provide notes for us so that we can refer to the notes and program the things we want more easily.
    4. Yes,I aspire to be a game designer in the future.

  23. 1. Basic programming for iPhone, including the code aspect and the visual aspect of it. Things like how to enter information and calculation are taught.

    2. It is very interesting to learn about such things and the lessons are easy to follow.

    3. Provide notes for us so that we can have something to refer to after the workshop ends. It can come in both hard and soft copy so that we can refer to it outside our computer using the hard copy and for the soft copy, we can copy and paste information onto our Xcode project.
    4. Yes, I would like to continue. Such workshops are fun and interesting and it can help me in my future studies in programming.

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