MOE Survey on Use of ICT for Teaching & Learning - SAN 09X297

This survey will be carried out on 19 April 2010, during Advisory Period

Dear SST Pioneers

You have been selected to participate in this online survey (by the Ministry of Education, Singapore) on the Use of ICT for Teaching and Learning.

The survey aims to establish the status of ICT (information & Communication Technologies) implementation in schools for teaching and learning. The feedback from the survey will enable MOE HQ to better support schools in the use of ICT for teaching and learning.

Before you attempt the survey, please note the following:

(a) Particulars
When filling up this section, please note:
#1 - School: School of Science and Technology
#4 - Integrated Programme: No
#5 - Stream: Express/Special

(b) Glossary
This section aims to clarify some of the terms used in the survey:
  1. Computer: Refers to either a desktop computer or laptop/notebook. In SST, it refers to our learning device - the macbook.
  2. ICT: Stands for Information and Communication Technologies. E.g. computers, Internet, software, mobile phones, digital cameras.
  3. Immersive Virtual Environment: An online multi-user space where people are represented as virtual characters and interact virtually with other people (e.g. Second Life).
  4. Schoolwork: Any activity that is assigned by the teacher for lessons. This does not include activities for CCAs and competitions.
  5. Discussion forums/ Wikis (i.e. wikipedias): Any online "bulletin board" where people can leave messages, and expect to see responses to the messages they left. In SST, we also use other platforms like googlesite, which is a form of wiki, too.
  6. MSN Messager: A freeware that allows people to chat instantly with their family and friends online. In SST, it also refers to platforms like iChat, GChat (via the school email)
  7. Blogs: A type of website, set up by individuals, primarily for online journaling, using a variety of materials such as graphics, music clips and video clips.
For Sections B & C, note the following software equivalent:
  • Microsoft Word: Mac-equivalent ~ Pages; GoogleApps equivalent ~ Document
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Mac-equivalent ~ Keynote; GoogleApps equivalent ~ Presentation
  • Microsoft Excel: Mac-equivalent ~ Numbers; GoogleApps equivalent ~ Spreadsheet
  • Communication tools also include iChat, GTalk and even Facebook Chat
  • Collaborative tools also include the use of GoogleApps (e.g. GoogleSpreadsheet) to work together online, use of GoogleSite
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Thank you for your participation.
To SST Pioneers:
Thank you for your participation. The survey is now closed.