28 April 2010: Survey on Language Learning

From 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm, all SST Pioneers will be participating in an online survey pertaining to your language learning (managed by the NIE, Learning Sciences Lab)

The survey aims to gather your views towards Language learning, as a learner. Information gathered will be kept confidential.

You will
remain in your respective classrooms, and the teacher teaching the last period of the day will administer the survey.

Instructions to completing the Survey

1. Complete the survey(s) in the following order:

> For those who take Chinese Language (CL) or Higher Chinese Language (HCL)
Complete the survey on CL/HCL learning first, followed by the English survey
> For those who do not take CL or HCL
Complete the survey on English Language learning only

2. Answer ALL questions in the survey.

3. Enter your name and class in full (i.e. write "Lim Xinyi Cindy, S1-10" instead of "Xinyi, 10")

4. If you encounter any technical problem when completing the online survey, get a hardcopy of the survey from the teacher.


Hyperlinks to Survey
  • Survey on Chinese/ Higher Chinese Language Learning
  • Survey on English Language Learning
Note: The hyperlinks will be activated on Wednesday from 12.30 pm onwards


To all SST Pioneers:
Thank you for your participation. The survey is now closed.