Taking Care of Your Vision

Dear Students

While we spend hours in front of the computer and being engaged in a range of activities, it is also important for us to take good care of our eyes!

Below are information and resources gathered from the Health Promotion Board website that would be helpful for you - in particular, taking care of your vision.

Promoting Good Eye Care Habits Among Students
This 20-page guide gives schools and teachers some tips on creating a conducive environment, so that students’ risk of developing myopia is reduced.

Treasure Your Eyesight
A 12-page booklet for secondary school students on myopia, how it affects them, and how to adopt healthy practices to prevent the condition from getting worse.

We Take Care of Our Eyes
This 12-page comic teaches primary school children how to take care of their eyes and reduce their risk of developing myopia.

If you have good resources that you've used or know of, share with the digital natives in SST! Simply post the information (or URL of the source) under comments.

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  1. Having a Good Eye sight will really help you in along run .


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