How-to Collaborate in GoogleMaps

Reference for Orientation Programme - MacBridge Activity 2

To collaborate with others in GoogleMaps...

1. Those who are invited to collaborate must have a Google Account (e.g. The account that you created and used to login to Blogger.)

2. One person in the team will create the map first:

  • Go to
  • Zoom in to the Singapore map first. You may wish to further narrow down to the town the team is going to work on.
  • Click at "My Maps" at the top left corner
  • Select "Create New Map" (sidebar on the left)
  • Give the Map a Title and include the names of members in the team under description
  • Click at "Collaborate", an Invite Collaborators window will appear.
  • Invite the members of the team (using the email addresses they have for their blog).

  • The members will receive an email invite.
  • On accepting the email invite, they will see the map (under "My Maps") when they login to Google Maps.

Click HERE to see how to tag information on the Google Map.