Notes: Designing a Presentation with KeyNote

Reference for Orientation Programme - MacBridge Activity 2

Good Presentations start with...

  • Good Ideas - clear, sound and logical. Without good ideas - the audience is unable to 'connect' and 'understand' what the presenter tries to communicate. It would be just visuals without meaning.
  • Creative Writing - leave a deep impression - the audience is able to recall, at least, the key points or messages the presenter wants to communicate. The audience may forget the details, but there are a couple of key words or images that he/she could remember.
  • Then Presentation - how to organise it in an attractive manner that enhances the way your intended message is communicated. Key words are highlighted or enlarged to capture the attention? Too many different kinds of animations/ slide transitions will confuse/ distract the audience - Do you want the audience to remember the intended messages or you want them to know what the presentation software (e.g. KeyNote) can do?

Therefore, it is worth spending time to plan your presentation so that your audience received the intended message.


Some considerations when designing your slide shows:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Be Consistent with the feel-and-look (e.g. colours, fonts, sizes)
  • Don't crowd your slide with too many elements (to reduce distraction)
  • Use bullet points to keep your message concise
  • Choice of colours - look out for the constrast between colours and the meaning that each colour comes with (Watch this animation: Colour in Motion)
  • Choice of Fonts - different fonts create different 'atmospheres' for the presentation

Using KeyNotes...