Activity 5: More about your DIGITAL self through digital collage

Objective of Activity

To create a digital collage to illustrate the Web 2.0 tools that you have tried and are familiar with. Here is an example a a digital collage:
Your Task:
  1. List down the various online applications that you are familiar with.
  2. Insert the logos into any application that allows you to insert and organise images.
  3. Save this digital collage as an image and post it in your blog.
  4. In your blog
  5. Insert the URLs where these online applications can be found.
  6. Amongst the online applications, pick ONE which is your FAVOURITE and share with us why you like it.


  1. Does anyone know of an application that allows inserting and organising images?

    Chan Jing Jie.

  2. Jing Jie

    You could use any application(s) that you are familiar with.

    For instance, some are more familiar with PowerPoint - so they insert the images in the powerpoint slide and convert it into an image before uploading to the blog.

    Hope that helps.

    If you have other suggestions, you are most welcome to share.

    Ms Loh

  3. Ms Loh,sorry to trouble you but I am not sure of the steps in order to create a Digital collage on powerpoint and then post it on blogger.Could you help me out with this??

  4. Hi Daniel

    I guess you would have gotten the "images" you intend to insert into the collage?

    If you are using powerpoint, simply organise all the images in the same slide.

    When it is ready, save the powerpoint as an image (i.e. "JPEG" file). Then it's done :D

    If you are exploring your Macbook, you may try "KeyNote". It would be the same way of doing. Simply save your work as an image.

    So, I guess you know what to do with the image next :D

    Happy exploring :D


  5. We can also use keynote on our Macbooks

  6. Yes, using Keynote is another option :D
    Thanks, Jun Jie.

  7. hi, i wanted to ask you how to convert a keynote file into an image

  8. Check out the options when saving the file...

  9. i have already tried that but i cannot find any option which allows me to change the keynote file into a image

  10. Hi Harsh

    Try this...
    1. Go to FILE, select EXPORT
    2. You will notice there are 6 different options: QuickTime, PPT, PDF, Images, HTML and iPOD
    3. Choose IMAGES and decide on the slide you want to export, as well as the quality of the image.
    Well, since it's to be uploaded on the blog, it's not necessary to choose high resolution.

    Hope that helps :D

  11. thank you very much
    Miss Loh Kwai Yin

  12. Alternatively , you can also use online programs such as pixlr image editor. i have included the link here:

  13. I used a programcalled called "Shape Collage 2.5".

  14. Sry, I meant "a program called".

  15. Thanks for the sharing!

    In fact, I've tried the online version of Shape Collage. Pretty user-friendly, and we could create text collage. However, there's a limit to the number of characters :(

    Here's my masterpiece.
    It sits at the end of the blog.


  16. Erm.. I need help. i cannot post my collage on to blogger as an image. I used keynote to help me make the digital collage...

  17. Hi Kok Yin

    Check out my reply to Harsh (a few comments before this)... There are some steps over there...
    Let's see if it works?