Activity 4: Participating in a Discussion Group

Objective of this activity

To explore and use Google Discussion Group as a platform to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas.

Click HERE to learn what Google Discussion Group is about before getting started...
Your Task:

You are going to participate in the Discussion Group "SST Pioneer Students" at

Google Groups
SST Pioneer Students
Visit this group

  1. The Home Page will be displayed when you click at the hyperlink.
  2. Click at the Topic where you would like to contribute your views.
  3. You will be prompted to sign in before allowed to enter your views.
  4. Sign in with the blogger account (the email address and password) and you should be able to start participating in the discussion.
  5. Share your views and suggestions on the 2 topics put up. You may respond to your peers' inputs; however, remember to observe the basic netiquette!

Happy exploring & Have Fun :D

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